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Thrive Co-Pay Assistance Program is a 501 C(3) charity with the goal of improving health outcomes, and quality of life, through provision of services that increase access to medical care for individuals who are low-income and actively enrolled in Medicare. The idea for the Our charity was was formed through the collaborative efforts of professionals who work in the area of either health insurance or medical care and share a common concern for the ability of this patient group to afford the often costly out of pocket charges associated with medical visits, laboratory screenings, and medications. Through their respective forms of employment, members of the Thrive board bear witness to the struggle patient’s face when having to choose between medical care and medications or other livelihood items such as food, utilities, rent or mortgage. In a pinch, doctor’s appointments are cancelled, medications are left on the shelf and overall health, wellness and quality of life diminish. Thrive aims to prevent such scenarios.

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Thrive Co-Pay Assistance Program, when and if funds are available, will help provide an approved applicant with up to $1,000 per year with financial support towards medical costs. If funding beyond $1,000 per year is required, clients will be provided with an opportunity to submit request for override of funding cap.  Patients will be required to submit a request for override and include an estimate, issued from the medical provider, itemizing pending service costs. The program will review the documentation and authorize financial support based on funding availability.  Funding will be restricted to outpatient services and will not cover medical care associated with emergency room visits, inpatient stays and cosmetic services. Clients will be provided with a card, including contact information for Thrive and instructions for confirmation of payment that can be presented to medical providers prior to the medical. Thrive will be available Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm, to receive calls, review he service request and authorize payment.  Payments will be issued directly to the medical provider; Thrive will not reimburse clients directly. Patients will be notified by mail and phone call when they have met the $1,000 cap for the calendar year.

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